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About Us 


This journey began…

When I was just seven years old, I always had vivid dreams of my future and I would run into my parent's room the next morning excited to tell them all about it. One morning my dad looked at me and said: " write it down because one day all these dreams will become your reality". I had no idea at the time that the Lord was showing me my purpose in those dreams. 

At fifteen, I was transitioning back to the United States after living in Japan with my family for six years. Just like many teenagers, I felt like I didn't belong. Then one day in the backseat of the car the Lord showed me a vision of multiple puzzle pieces and they were all scattered around. Slowly the puzzle pieces came together, I could see myself. The Lord began to tell me that I was going to go through a lot in my life but one day I would see the "COMPLETE" picture of who I was created to be. I began to see that my journey to the complete picture mattered and my journey would help other girls and women become complete through Him. I've learned a lot in the past twenty-eight years and I have so much more to learn. Now is my time to tell my story and help others on their journey to see their "COMPLETE" picture through Jesus Christ. 

And in Him you have been made complete.

Colossians 2:10a (AMP)

Quinika Benton

Founder, Complete