For Your Glory

Dear God, 

Today as I sit down to write my first blog it didn't feel right to start without thanking You first. I want to thank You for never leaving my side even though I know I've hurt You many times before. I thank You for always being here, arms wide open, when I need You the most. Thank You for showing me who I am through Your eyes. This blog is for You because instead of turning Your back on me You used my remnant for something beautiful. You have restored me for Your glory, so everything I do is for You. We've been through a lot together and there's no one I rather go on this journey with more than You. Thank you for using a quiet girl like me to change the world for Your glory. I pray that every blog we publish reaches the hearts of many and points them right back to You. Words will never express how much I love You. I pray that this blog makes You smile. 

Love Always, 

Your Daughter 

Come along with us as we talk about real life topics that we all face with the word of God, along with tons of fun. Complete is here so you know you're not alone on your journey. You have a sister right by your side loving you through it all. 

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