Embrace your season

We have probably all heard, "this is your season" or "it's just a season, it'll pass." In my forty-five years of living, I can say I've heard that a few times. Here's the Merriam-Webster definition of season.

Season- each of four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) marked by particular weather patterns and daylight hours, resulting from the earth's changing position with regard to the sun. 

How do seasons in the natural compare to our seasons in the spiritual? Remember God created the earth (the seasons) Gen. 1. 

Spring- New things grow, that appeared to be dead. Have you ever looked at a plant that was beautiful in the spring, appear to be dead in the winter, spring back to life in the spring. Spring may be the season that you're in right now. Days become longer in the spring, the weather gets warmer because of the earth's tilt toward the sun. Maybe this is your season of tilting toward the SON!

Summer- It's the hottest of the four seasons. Days are longest, nights shortest. Time for a vacation, beach visits, and barbecues. Time to have fun. Summer occurs when the earth is closest to the sun. In the spiritual, the long days give you more time to spend with God to do his work. When you're closest to God you experience joy and peace. The days are filled with fun and excitement. You start your day asking "What shall we do today Holy Spirit?" 

Autumn- Also known as fall, a transition from summer to winter. The temperature cools down, days become shorter, nights longer. Leaves change colors, the scenery changes. Autumn is the season of harvest. Are you in a season of harvest? You've sewn seeds and now God's is calling for a harvest. We have Thanksgiving in the fall. A time where we pay close attention to the many blessings we've received. It's a season of Thanksgiving. 

Winter- It's the coldest season, the earth is oriented away from the sun. It's a time when things die. The earth looks bare, the mountains and forest are colorless, or so it appears. Winter is a time when bears hibernate, trees and plants form an outer shell of hardness that protects whats going on in the inside. Something is waiting beneath it, the whole story doesn't show. 

All the seasons are connected.

Have you ever noticed how quickly the seasons change? One minute it's fifty degrees the next it's eighty. Once the temperature remains in the eighties somehow the fifties become a distant memory. Enjoy the season you're in. Your seasons will change. You will remember the seasons of the past. You'll have pictures and memories that you went through those seasons. You will learn from those seasons and recognize when the weather begins to change and be prepared. You can't live in the seasons past, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable you were. They're gone, new ones are coming, enjoy the one you're in. 

With all this being said here's my new definition of season. 

Season- Many divisions of the year marked by particular life patterns (motherhood, wife, singleness, trails, victories, spiritual growth, losing a loved one, new job, new baby, new mind, etc) resulting from and to our changing positions of worship of the SON. Always remember that no matter the season we were created to worship the SON.