Many Hats, One Crown

The matriarch of your family, personal chef, cheerleader, housekeeper, taxi driver, family judge, an expert in anger management, hair stylist, secret keeper, errand runner, teacher, singer, event director, boo-boo fixer-upper, play-date coordinator, travel agent, tour guide, and bodyguard (the list goes on and on). 

All these hats we wear, all the different roles we fill with 100% effort but is there one hat that we forget to pick up before we start our day...

Our relationship with Christ. 

When I get the image of the "hat" I actually don't see a hat I see a crown. OMG isn't that so cute!!! The first "hat" that we should put on every day is a crown. Our relationship with Christ is the most important role we could ever fill as mothers. Why? Because it sets the tone for everything else we do throughout the day.

It takes a lot of energy to do what we do but we have a Father that is there to fill us up at the exact moment we need it. Sometimes it feels like we're filling everyone else's cup but at the end of the day, we fill empty. When we start our day with Christ and invite the Holy Spirit to come with us along the day, I promise you won't feel empty. Do you want to know why? Because He's going to be with you every step of your day giving you exactly what you need to not only get through that moment but to make you feel like the awesome women that you are. He knows us better than anyone and because of that He can provide us with every encouragement, advise, example, and next step we need. Now I get why we are seen as superwomen because we have the creator of the heavens and the earth on our side. 

This brings me to the name of our blog: Moms Unite. We're all different and our journey through motherhood is not going to be the same. Complete wants to create a safe place for mothers to express themselves and not feel judged. We're not going to be perfect but we will have sisters right there to help us. So just like your favorite superhero squad (Marvel or DC, I don't know you pick a side lol), we want to come together and be a united squad of mothers that raise their children knowing and loving Jesus Christ because at the end that is our first goal. 

So come along with us as we make our relationship with God our first priority and continue to wear hundreds of hats. We look forward to sharing recipes, hacks, and discuss topics that will help us all on this journey called Motherhood. 

Don't be shy, leave a comment below of any topics you would like to see us discuss. 

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